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The Soap Box Racers

The year was 1994. David and Thomas, two tight knit friends since grade school, were scared. Why? Because, for the first time, they were entering Secondary School. St. Paul's, to be exact. Would it be harder? they wondered. Would people like them? Would people be friendly? Would they have to sing O Canada with their pants down in the cafeteria for initiation? David and Thomas' fears were quickly put to rest upon entering the loving community that is Saint Paul's. One of the many wonderful people they met there was a boy named John. John, Thomas and David all happened to share a common interest: guitar playing. But since a rock band can't consist of 3 guitarists, and they wanted to form a rock band, they came to the logical conclusion that John's parents should buy a bass guitar and a drum set. They wrote a few songs, and played and ill-fated show at The Shamrock in Toronto. Unfortunately, John and David began to slowly drift apart from Thomas. These things happen. Thomas was more concerned with his academic work, while John and David's interests centred more around that cute skater in their homeroom class. That cute skater's name happened to be Bart, and Bart happened to be a musician extrordinaire. He soon replaced Thomas as the third Soap Box Racer. By May of 1995, John, David and Bart had gotten their proverbial shit together. They wowed a sparse but receptive audience at the legendary El Mocambo in Toronto, and have kept going non-stop since then. Watch for the Soap Box Racers as they take over the world one step at a time, and always remember: Stop, Look, Listen, before you cross the street. Use your eyes, use your ears, then, use your feet.

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