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Who better to explain the concept that is Radioblaster than Derek, one third of said indie-guitar-swingers: "Our band consists of three members, each one serving a different purpose. What a brilliant concept. First of all there is Maritess (Sweaty Chavez), she lays the licks on the guitar and acts as our main sex symbol and attractor of male fans. Then there is Dave (Aaaah Yeah!) who beats the skins and is our silent but deadly babe magnet, he's the guy who looks like a '70's movie star. Last but not least of course there is me, Derek (Shaggy) deafening you with the mega-bass distortion and doing the work behind our multimedia self promotion master-scam. Does it all make sense?" Yes, Derek, its all beginning to make sense.


*'Take it In'-5 song cassette-(independent) *'Days of Way Back'-7 inch vinyl-(Squirtgun Records) *'Sugar Shock'-Full length CD-(Squirtgun Records) *"Perfect Burn"-song on Our Stupid Noise 7 inch vinyl compilation-(Squirgun Records) *"Heatscore"-song on Iron Daze compilation Cd-(IronMusic Group) *"Comfy New You"-song on More of Our Stupid Noise compilation CD-(Squirtgun Records)

The following is an article about Radioblaster that first appeared in the Mississauga News on May 29, 1996. By Lauren Dineen

The members of Radioblaster say they embarked on musical careers as a way to meet cool people. "It doesn't matter how good you are, it just matters how cool you look," they wrote in a May 1995 Press release. "We take our music a lot more seriously now," said Derek Tokar, the band's bass player and vocalist. "We understand that we've come a great distance in a short time. We're really progressing." He still insists, however, that image is really important. "Most music is crap. It all sounds the same. A lot of people get signed (to recording deals) because of their image, not their talent." The band also includes Dave Larson on drums, and Maritess de Guzman on guitar and vocals. Sinc their humble beginnings in Mississauga, and the 1993 debut of their independent cassette, 'Plug it In', Radioblaster has been one very busy band. "We're all 23 now," said Tokar. "Our songs reflect what's going on in our lives." Tokar, who pens all of the band's music, writes a lot about his personal life. "We have thoughts and feelings about stuff and we're here to share those feelings and emotions with people." Radioblaster churns out a heavy sound that lies somewhere between rock and pop. The trio are featured on the new IronMusic Group compilation CD, 'Irond Daze', which promotes up-and-coming Canadian bands. This compilation, billed as "a ride along the musical streets of Southern Ontario," brings cutting-edge Canadian music to the forefront of the national scene. Some 15 new bands are featured on the album, including Radioblaster performing the song 'Heatscore'. While Larson and Tokar have been friends since Grade 6, de Guzman entered the picture in Grade 10 when she transferred to Father Goetz Secondary Schoo. "Playing in a band together never really crossed our minds in those early days," Dokar said. "We wanted to meet cool people, like those in our favourite bands, so the easiest way would be to be in a band. 'Iron Daze' is a compilation CD that brings together bands from the streets that are creating an impact with young audiences through self-released recordings and live performances. 'Iron Daze' features previously unreleased tracks. "We felt it was important to make a compilation of new music," said Steve Sechi of the Iron Music Group. "Most compilations today are a collection of previously released hits. Our intention was to catch the spirit of a movement-a new, cutting-edge scene. It gives someone a chance to discover a band they were unaware of." Featured on the CD are Clove, Moe Berg, Supergarage, Claudia's Cage, Kat Rocket, Subtractor, Rebecca Timmons, Buzz!, The Stand GT, Catch Veronica, Lo Slope, Venus Envy, Grasshopper, Poledo and Radioblaster.