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Hello, and welcome to the best source for information on the burgeoning Mississauga music "scene". In case you don't know, Mississauga is a city in southern Ontario, Canada. If you haven't heard of it yet, you will soon. Why? Because, if I may be so bold, Mississauga will be the next Seattle, or Chapel Hill, or Halifax, or whatever. The fact is, Mississauga has a great music scene. Now you are probably wondering: Why would anyone join a band when they live in such a wonderful city as Mississauga? According to Derek from Radioblaster, there are a few reasons: 1)First of all there are such an abundance of clubs and places to play in Mississauga that it seems moronic to pass up the opportunity 2)Even though you're 21 when you hang out with friends from high school, some other former highschool friend will try to beat the crap out of you, even though he knows it's not a fair fight because he has 80 lbs. of pure muscle over you 3)No one else there knows anyone who is in a band so everyone thinks you're cool 4)Because every sixteen year old guy there can play Metallica and Alice in Chains so it won't be hard to find other band members Uh...okay Derek, thanks for clearing that up. Anyway, whatever the reasons, the fact remains that there is an abundance of great bands in Mississauga, and this is the best place to read about them. So there!

the Mississauga music "scene"

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Mississauga's Best

The Soap Box Racers: Can you say pop power? Can you say punk?
Radioblaster: This hard hitting Mississauga trio doesn't mess around; their Mississauga OG (original gangsta)